Kenneth Kogut



Mr. Kogut, of Kenneth J. Kogut & Associates, maintains a professional energy and management consulting practice serving clients in the commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental sectors. Through the efforts of Mr. Kogut, his organization, established in l979, has provided professional energy consulting services in the areas of energy audits and the development and implementation of energy management programs, systems, and environmental endeavors, for his organization’s clientele. Mr. Kogut has been actively involved in the energy field in the capacities of designing, developing, managing, and implementing energy management programs, building energy systems, energy conservation projects, and environmental programs for over thirty-one years, and has been involved with various matching energy grant programs for schools and hospitals since 1979. Mr. Kogut has also been involved with direct electric and gas energy purchase reviews, since the inception of deregulation of the gas and electric industries. On a national basis, Mr. Kogut has completed a publication for the Bank Administration Institute (BAI), entitled Energy Management for the Community Bank. This manual was developed for some 7,000 BAI Community member banks across the country. In addition, Mr. Kogut has developed A Guide to Energy Management for G. D. Searle & Co. This manual is the guide for energy management programs for G. D. Searle’s worldwide operations. Mr. Kogut has accomplished energy reviews and assessments for the organization’s clientele across the North American continent, Canada, and Puerto Rico. He has also been involved in energy activities and professional association activities in western and northern Europe, Spain, Portugal, and northern Africa.

Prior to the establishment of his organization, Mr. Kogut, as a senior consultant for a major international consulting organization, assisted in developing testimony to the Washington, D.C. Public Service Commission in one of the first time of day rate cases in the country. He additionally assisted in various electric and gas utility reviews regarding utility operations, economic, managerial, and systems elements, affecting overall utility operations and energy rate structures. He also assisted in projects involving USDOE and Argonne National Laboratory, regarding identifying economic and regulatory impediments for co-generation facilities, and Integrated Community Energy Systems (ICES) concepts.

As a project manager for a systems engineering firm, Mr. Kogut was responsible for assisting in design activities for adapting computerized optimization to the steel coil annealing process for a major U.S. steel company. In addition, he was responsible for developing economic evaluation analyses for new manufacturing plants to determine operating levels, project selling price, and future market potential.

As a consulting engineer for a major international engineering construction firm, Mr. Kogut was responsible for technological forecasting and development of electric usage rate structures and feasibility studies associated with the state-of-the-art and advanced energy systems for the electrical utility industry. Studies included installed and operating economic cost evaluations for fossil and nuclear plants, availability and utilization of fuels and potential alternative sources of energy; existing and alternative methods for the removal of sulfur dioxide, and advanced pressure-suppression containment systems for nuclear plant pressurized water reactors. In addition, he also provided consultation to various electric and gas utilities in regards to various aspects of utility operations. Mr. Kogut was also involved in the development of one of the first electric rate structures for the eastern part of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Kogut has published a number of papers on the subject of energy, is a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the States of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Washington, a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Green Building Engineer (GBE), and a Certified Sustainable Design Professional (CSDP). He is also a certified instructor with the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA), and a past adjunct professor for the Midwest College of Engineering (1980-1981). He presently holds active memberships in the Association of Energy Engineers (President: Chicago-1985, Illiana – present, and 1990-1993, Region III V.P. – 1993-1995, Int’l Pres.-1998), Environmental Engineers & Managers Institute of AEE, the Energy Services Marketing Society of AEE, the Illinois Energy Professionals Association (ILEPA), and both the Illinois and National Societies of Professional Engineers. Mr. Kogut is also currently listed in Who=s Who in the World, Who’s Who In America, Who’s Who in the Midwest, Who’s Who in Finance and Industry, and Who’s Who in Science and Engineering. He is a recipient of the President’s Award for Energy Efficiency from The President’s Council for Energy Efficiency, the Corporate Energy Management Award for the Chicago Metropolitan Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers, the Energy Professional Development Award and Regional Energy Engineers of the Year Award for the Association of Energy Engineers, Energy Management Executive of the Year – AEE Illiana, and the Illinois Energy Award from the Governor of Illinois. In 2002, Mr. Kogut was inducted into the AEE Energy Managers= Hall of Fame. Mr. Kogut holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BME), a Master of Engineering (ME) degree from the University of Detroit, and a Ph.D. from Lacrosse University in Engineering Management. In addition, he also was an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow while at the University of Detroit.

Mr. Kogut served his Country through military service, by enlisting in the United States Naval Reserve in 1969. He completed basic training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois. He remained state-side during his military service. He was accepted into the Naval Officer Training program and initiated Naval officer training activities in Newport, Rhode Island. An Honorable Discharge was awarded to Mr. Kogut, in 1971, upon the completion of his military service.