NOW Is The Time
COUNT ON America's Most
TRUSTED Institution - The U.S. Military

Providing opportunity for America's young men and women to serve the country.
One year in uniform for personal and national benefit.

Considerations and Motivations
  • People from all over the world want to come to America. Why?
  • What do you prize, even love, about our country?
  • We want the nation to endure and prosper (individually and collectively). What does that require of citizens?
  • People, organizations, governments and nations age. They are burdened over time by forces within and without that, even with good intent, diminish or destroy. How do we keep renewing the American spirit?
  • SOS America advocates an affordable and catalytic national program designed to enable an American future of promise. Will you JOIN US as a member?
  • There is lots here. Read, View, Think, Talk about what’s good for the nation and please do JOIN US.
  • Thank you.

Together We Can Do This

It's all about Nation Building in America. Paraphrasing Ben Franklin, we have to hang together or we will hang separately. We Americans can accomplish anything if we share values, band together, and work hard.

What is Better for America?

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