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Explore The Nation

America Awaits: The land and people beckon and our young adults will respond and prosper from a year of service that can lead them across the country. It is more than place, it is the sharing of important and needed tasks wherever the nation calls. It is a multi cultural experience that emphasizes the shared values that make us a nation of promise. Their experiences and contributions, be they in cities or the country, the mountains or the plains will benefit them and us. It’s a lifetime thing.

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Discover Purpose

America was built and is sustained by men and women of purpose. It is service outside of self that makes a person truly whole. Finding worthy purpose and working to achieve it is enabling of the individual and national spirit. An elective year of service is designed to do just that. There will be life long reward from discovering the internal, external and enduring value that comes from meaningful and important service. Accomplishment bolsters self esteem. It’s a lifetime thing.

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Build Friendships

Imagine a wonderful mix of young adults ages 18-26 hailing from different parts of the country. They will come from different educational and socio economic backgrounds. In a small and structured setting, they will learn from and support one another performing important tasks. In this process, they will develop a fidelity of common experience and shared circumstances that will bond them together. It’s a lifetime thing.

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Increase America's Potential

If we want our best days to be ahead of us. If we want our children and their children and all our posterity to grasp and experience a more wondrous America, there is work to do. There is always work to do. It is not just projects or programs. It is the value of the people; the worth of our citizens. SOS America is about nation building in America and it centers on our young people whose enthusiasms and energies, given structure and opportunity, can vault the nation into a process of continued and valued service thereby enabling American potential. It’s a lifetime thing.

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Be Enriched & Respected

Powerful qualities sought by all people, SOS America provides a path of virtue and recognition for the individual and the nation. It is a matter of our will to get it done. We have the capacity. Our greatest generations can be ever before us. We can inspire one another. Do we have the courage? It's a lifetime thing.

Together We Can Do This

It's all about nation building in America. Paraphrasing Ben Franklin, we have to hang together or we will hang separately. We Americans can accomplish anything if we share values, band together, and work hard.

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