How It Works

SOS America is a patriotic membership organization that supports an affordable and profitable national program of service. Success requires a large national membership base to influence necessary legislation.

Legislation will provide young men (18-26), and women who choose to participate, the opportunity to serve our country for one year. The year will be of their choosing. The aim is to create small, diverse, but cohesive and disciplined, units that reflect and contribute to the character and needs of the nation.


Who Directs This Program:

The Department of Defense will be the lead government agency. The military and the nation suffer from a shortage of personnel to accomplish important national tasks—civilian and military. SOS America will provide for abundant personnel resources to augment, largely in support roles, the current military all-volunteer force and provide capacity and capability for a myriad of civilian efforts required by the country. Importantly, this augmentation will be by unit and not by parceling out individuals. The value of small unit cohesion and performance is paramount. The aim is to provide a structured and disciplined setting that benefits the individual and the nation.

What’s the plan?



We are growing our membership base that will persuade the congress to take action. Legislation will direct the Defense Department to introduce (pilot program) and manage the program.