We trust and respect military service. It is a force for good in American society. There is broad support for our young people, and the nation, to gain the benefits of military service. Shared experiences and values create a positive atmosphere and Nation Building in America.

Why Your Support Is Important

The American ‘success story’ requires continual buy-in and renewal of the nation “Freedom and Responsibility, Liberty and Duty. That’s the deal if you are an American.” (John Gardner). Join us and help make SOS America (Service over Self) a reality.

How SOS America Works

SOS America (Service over Self) is a patriotic, membership organization that supports a military service program for our young adults. It entails broad public support (polling is very encouraging). Congressional legislation (previous draft legislation died in committee) and Executive Branch support are required. The plans for 2024 and beyond address all these matters.

The high costs of the All-Volunteer Force (AVF) raises legitimate questions as to shortages in many career fields and the need to have such highly qualified people in the many support roles. SOS America contends that a special enlistment program can be of great benefit to our young adults and the nation. Designed to augment the AVF, it would have these characteristics:

Its name is: The United States Military Service Corps (USMSC)

  • It will take advantage of small unit identity and loyalty. Volunteer recruits will enlist, train and serve together in small units.
  • The Units (roughly 100 recruits) will be led by 6 experienced personnel–2 company grade officers and 4 sergeants.
  • Open to recruits ages 18-25–the units will mix geography, ages, economic and educational backgrounds. An expanded age eligibility option (to age 30) is envisioned based on mutual demand.
  • Physical and Mental requirements are based on the ability to ‘take care of (look after) oneself’ vs current AVF requirements that eliminate an estimated 80% of our young adults.
  • Yearly recruit numbers will be based “on demand.” The Services, Guard and Reserve plus Federal and State Agencies will forecast their needs to allow for planning and accession. Requesting agencies will provide quarters and messing capabilities
  • Proposed legislation will identify the Department of Defense as the executive/responsible agency.
  • The selective service system will be used, in part, to help administer the program
  • The program is highly encouraged but voluntary for young men and women (18-25). At the same time, the Selective Service System should use its enforcement mechanisms to insure registration. The possibility of a ‘new draft’ should encourage enlistment in the now Volunteer Force (2 year minimum) and the proposed 18 month, and more austere, SOS America program.
  • Those who choose to serve in the SOS cohort will be in a strenuous 24/7/365  program. It is intended to be a full immersion, full reward program.
  • The cost of the program, part of the annual Defense budget, is designed to return 3 to 4 times program cost in a given year.
  • Recruits will be subject to the Uniformed Code of Military Justice.
  • Recruit remuneration will be at a reduced basic enlistment rate.
  • An educational (mustering out) stipend will be awarded upon honorable completion of the year of service.
  • The honorable year of service should also secure citizenship (if needed), expunge police records, ensure English language and GED or better achievement , freeze college debt and interest payments and forgive last 1/3 of same plus other life benefits.

These program characteristics are essential elements of the proposed program and legislation. (If required.)