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Summer 2021 UPDATE

With the virus in retreat, it is time to reattack on many fronts with the SOS America program. Of note, a supporting foundation has been created, The SOSAmerica Foundation, a 501c19 organization that is veteran driven and tax exempt including allowing for deductible donations. This will allow 501c3 organizations to contribute or transfer funds in accrodance witih IRS regulations.

The website is being recast/updated to reflect those options. Similarly, the County Chairperson initiative can now get off the ground and represents an opportunity for ‘boots on the ground’ in counties across the country. The program enables SOSAmerica, to have local and expanding presence and spokespersons able to reach their friends and neighbors and media. The county program also affords opporutnity for the desginated chairs to be remunerated for their efforts and success of outreach, membership and contribution growth. They will be the only paid staff aside from necessary administrative assistance from time to time. No-one else is taking any salary for their efforts.

On another front, a ‘Hill’ visit is now planned before the August recess to contact as many key staff and representatives as possible. A subsequent visit will include the Phentagon and Washington press corps. Previous outreach efforts were widespread and a more targeted approach will bring, hopefully, better result.

The Sunday Third Degree Column, now two years in publication, continues to be a source of advertisement . The promised Pritzker Military Museum and Library membership program should be back in full swing for those qualified members by July 1. Organization Board and Advisory Board Meetings will take place between now and the 4th of July.

The Memorial Day Ceremony at the Logan Statue was sponsored by SOS America and saw institutional support from the Chicago Police Department and Bugles Across America. There will be 4th of July celebrations featuring SOS America and a fall golf outing in Benton Harbor and St Joe Michigan that will advance the cause.

Refurbishment of membership roles remains a priority along with the County Chair effort. Nominations are welcome including self nomination–to me please at [email protected] Thank you for continuing support over the last difficult period.