It has been a year of consequence. Multiple appearances in front of the National Commission on Service contributed to a new awareness of military service as advocated by SOS America. Engagements across the country demonstrated a deep reservoir of public support for the military service program we advocate. Interaction with the Selective Service Commission reaffirmed American commitment to the current registration process and insured its support in the data gathering and management process now and in the future. Multiple Washington visits with like minded institutions/people and the Congress created new momentum but also some adaptation of message. Of note, the age window of projected service is 18 to 25 (versus 26) and the one year program is now envisioned as ‘voluntary’ and ‘on demand’. While there is substantial national support for a mandatory program, there is no enthusiasm ‘on the hill’ hence the adjustment to voluntary. Similarly, The services, guard and reserve and well as federal and state agencies will project needs and, given their demand, the SOS America program, executedby the DOD, will respond. Cost and Demographic advantages remain attractive. Separately, you will receive an end of year action request to ‘weigh in’ with certain constituencies to insure momentum into the important election year. Thank you for continuing support. Please encourage others to join us. Christmas and New Year Best Wishes. SOS America.