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Summer 2021 UPDATE

With the virus in retreat, it is time to reattack on many fronts with the SOS America program. Of note, a supporting foundation has been created, The SOSAmerica Foundation, a 501c19 organization that is veteran driven and tax exempt including allowing for deductible donations. This will allow 501c3 organizations to contribute or transfer funds in accrodance witih IRS regulations.

The website is being recast/updated to reflect those options. Similarly, the County Chairperson initiative can now get off the ground and represents an opportunity for ‘boots on the ground’ in counties across the country. The program enables SOSAmerica, to have local and expanding presence and spokespersons able to reach their friends and neighbors and media. The county program also affords opporutnity for the desginated chairs to be remunerated for their efforts and success of outreach, membership and contribution growth. They will be the only paid staff aside from necessary administrative assistance from time to time. No-one else is taking any salary for their efforts.

On another front, a ‘Hill’ visit is now planned before the August recess to contact as many key staff and representatives as possible. A subsequent visit will include the Phentagon and Washington press corps. Previous outreach efforts were widespread and a more targeted approach will bring, hopefully, better result.

The Sunday Third Degree Column, now two years in publication, continues to be a source of advertisement . The promised Pritzker Military Museum and Library membership program should be back in full swing for those qualified members by July 1. Organization Board and Advisory Board Meetings will take place between now and the 4th of July.

The Memorial Day Ceremony at the Logan Statue was sponsored by SOS America and saw institutional support from the Chicago Police Department and Bugles Across America. There will be 4th of July celebrations featuring SOS America and a fall golf outing in Benton Harbor and St Joe Michigan that will advance the cause.

Refurbishment of membership roles remains a priority along with the County Chair effort. Nominations are welcome including self nomination–to me please at [email protected]. Thank you for continuing support over the last difficult period.

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Summer 2020 News Release and Survey

Distributed through the nation and personalized to the Congress (plus candidates), the Governors (and candidates), The White House and DOD including Serivce Chiefs and Secretaries, it is provided here for the membership’s information and use. Please do forward to your email lists as you may choose and urge contact wiht officials and taking the survey. The next few months are critical to make SOS America part of the election season discussions and coverage. Thank you.

SOS America Really Matters

Major General John Borling (USAF-ret)         
[email protected]
For Immediate Release

AUGUST 11, 2020, SOS America Really Matters, SOS America, (Service over Self), a national, patriotic, membership organization, announced a new, national legislative initiative designed to help America deal with the pandemic, pandemonium in the streets, provide a push to the economy and the spirit of America. The aim is nation building in America for America. 
Using America’s most trusted institution, the U.S. military, SOS America advocates creating a new, one year, voluntary, military service opportunity for the nation’s young people, (18-25). Currently, just one of five young adults can meet the stringent military mental, physical, educational and other background requirements. Under the new SOS America proposal, volunteer recruits able to ‘take care of themselves physically and mentally’, could access, train and serve in cohesive small units and augment, on request and in support roles primarily, all services, plus federal and state agencies.
Managed by the Department of Defense (DOD), the proposed United States Military Service Corps (USMCS) will benefit the volunteers and the nation by mixing geography, ages, and backgrounds. This affordable proposal directly contributes to mission support and provides the earned, self-esteem that comes with honorable military service to country. The SOS initiative responds directly to the recent work of the National Commission on military, national and public service.
SOS America is reaching out to Congressional representatives and candidates seeking support. Similarly, Governors will be involved, as will The White House and DOD. Shared experiences and the discipline of military service benefit America’s young adults and the nation. SOS America will act as a vocal advocate of those Americans who share the same vision for the ever-recurring tasks of reaffirmation and renewal of the nation.  
As America’s experiences social unrest strident demands and divisiveness are met with private and public deference, despondence or defiance and little is done to ‘fix’ matters. The nation requires ‘buy-in’ from all our citizens. The recommended SOS America initiative helps forge national solution on a continuing basis. Remembering Ben Franklin’s remarks:  “We better hang together or we will hang separately”. He is talking to us, today.
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General Borling, SOSA Founder and Chairman, is a highly decorated fighter pilot with 37 years of service including 6 ½ years as a POW in North Vietnam. A graduate of the Air Force Academy, National War College, White House Fellow, business and civic leader, author, columnist and speaker.

Please take the online survey.

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Spring 2020 Update

The new, SOSAmerica (Service over Self), Website ( look and functionality deserve a good look. Simplification of message and process are very much an achieved aim. Note that the military service proposal provides for a voluntary, affordable, one year program for men and women (ages 18-25– like selective service) with physical and mental capability cast as ‘being able to care of oneself) versus the stringent All Volunteer Force (AVF) requirements. While the AVF will continue in its present form, SOS America volunteers will join the newly established US Military Service Corps (working title) and provide augmentation on a small unit basis to all the services, guard and reserve plus federal and state agencies requesting augmentation. This ‘on request’ or ‘on demand’ feature insures that the SOS America program is not seen as a ‘forced’ program. There must be a forecasted demand that is requested although the ability for a short notice surge in the face of immediate need is anticipated. Service will be primarily support duties in nature with the specifics left to the requesting service or agency. It is truly all about nation building in America and all the more crucial as we emerge from this period of pandemic. In term of acceptance, broad national support exists with many favoring an even more agressive approach of mandatory and two year service.

With the publication of the National Commission on Service report to the Congress and the President, SOS America enters a new phase of activity. While the agenda for service initiatives has seen reduced enthusisam given the Covid-19 virus, there remains possibility for injection into election year politics and certainly there should be agenda room for the new administration come Jan 2021 be it Republican or Democrat.

In that vein, SOS American has undertaken a major outreach initiative to bolster public support and membership. There are roughly 3200 counties in America. It is the aim to establish and empower SOS America County Chairpersons across the land. Their purpose is to provide for ‘boots on the ground’ (their home turf if you will), local and representational advocacy and support for SOS goals and objectives, leading local chapters of SOS America and increasing membership.

As County chairs are identified and become active, they will serve as independent contractors to the national organization. As such, they will join at the national level of membership (or greater) and contribute an annual ‘franchise fee’ for the county (or counties they represent). For counties of 100,000 persons or less, the fee is $150 and for those over that number, $300. The first year fees will be reimbursed from membership revenues generated in the specific county. Additionally, quarterly distirbution of 50% of net county revenues will be remitted to the county chairperson.

As you are aware, there have been no salaries paid to this point in the organization and this process of remuneration is designed and directed at the county level. It has been long recognized that assistance from a major lobbying firm (or firms) in Wahsington will be required to achieve the necessary legislation and/or authorities to stand up the beginnings of the program under DOD auspices. Added revenue will enable that effort and can provide for more robust national staff to bring added pressure to bear. Given resources, such an expansion will require compensation but is a logical next step to ensure growth and success. Given that growth and success, SOS America will then be able to claim victory and, absent ongoing needs, disband.

This effort to achieve dramatic growth with attendant impact is aided by your current membership (and contirubtion as you may choose). Thank you and for a requested investment of one hour a month to search out new members and nominate prospective county chairpersons to national. Emails to [email protected] please. Similarly, SOS America facebook seeks your review and sharing. Again, thank you.