The SOS America Facebook page is constantly being updated as is the John Borling and General John Borling FB pages.  Many Advisory Board  members  have FB pages that can be accessed.  We welcome dialogue.

The Congressional contact capability is being reworked to make it more responsive to your/our needs.  Communicate with your elected representatives and urge them to (1) be aware of the SOS America (Service over Self)   program and (2) Support necessary legislation.

Similarly, we need to persuade the Pentagon that the SOS America initiative is ‘one of their own’ as it is palpably in the national military interest.

2019 looms a year of great promise with national level input important.  Please assist and, at the same time, help increase membership.

Note that ‘free membership’ is being eliminated in favor of a $9 per year sustaining membership and a national membership for $9 a month.  We retain two executive level memberships and seek to add to those levels of participation.

Again, Holiday Best Wishes as we continue to march.