The outreach pace continues: Major appearances around the country and interface with the Selective Service leadership and the National Commission on Service in Washington are central to the efforts. The Commission is in the writing phase and the report, due March 2020, should reflect many of the tenets of SOS America. The sticking point seems to be the ‘mandatory’ (absent exemptions) nature of the program for men and the voluntary anticipation of young women. Our polling continues to support same. It is a matter of Washignton pusillamity, in our view, that holds back legislation

Most recent appearances in OH reaffirm to the 85% correlation factor the wisdom of our position. A wide ranging survey monkey also confirms the rationale that volunteerism gets you just so far without remuneration and some sort of enforcement mechanism. We have altered the age bracket by one year to 25 (18-25 to comport with the Selective Service). We will be asking the Advisory board to ‘adopt’ Commission members and seek to establish a level of communication that enables progress.

We need to influence the 2020 election cycle and insure our ideas became a matter of discussion and action. As always, the push for membership (paid membership) continues. You can help. In the Veterans Day time frame, Rick Mancuso, the CEO of Lake Forest Sports Cars is planning an SOS Gala in Lake Bluff IL at his dealership–the largest Ferrari campus in the world.

The summer will see multiple visits to DC to continue to work our Agneda. Please do contact your representatives and urge their support. Thank you for your support.